A New Take on Recycling: Building an Indigenous Recycling Venture in Cherbourg

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) has commenced work on a collaborative project with the Cherbourg Council, the University of Canberra, and remote architecture specialist Dr Steve Burroughs to establish a new materials recycling facility in Cherbourg, Queensland.

The project is developing an otherwise unused and incomplete recycling facility into a fully operational Indigenous social enterprise with both economic and social outcomes for Cherbourg and the surrounding communities and is anticipated to be operating by the end of this year.

IBA’s Chief Operating Officer, Leo Bator, said, “IBA is proud to be involved in projects such as this, where an Indigenous community is grasping an opportunity for both social improvement and economic engagement, working with others from within and outside the community to get a social venture up and running.”

Read this media release in full (PDF 92KB, new window)

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