Partnering with Indigenous Australians to enhance outcomes

Through its knowledge, understanding of and connectivity with the Indigenous business sector, Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) is building partnership arrangements with a range of organisations to enhance outcomes for Indigenous businesses.

IBA recognises the significant opportunities available to many entrepreneurs through private sector and government procurement.

In order to meet the demand with the resources IBA has, partnerships must be built that develop local agencies to work with their own communities on economic opportunities.

Acting CEO Wally Tallis said IBA is committed to these partnerships with key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations that better deliver the solutions to build capacity and address the inequality experienced by Indigenous Australians, particularly in remote and regional areas.

‘Using IBA’s internal commercial knowledge, deep connections and network with the Indigenous business sector, we have worked on building new partnership arrangements with Indigenous organisations to enhance the work IBA provides on the ground in urban, regional and remote Australia.

‘By working in partnership with Indigenous organisations we can drive greater impact to generate capability, business knowledge, assets and wealth whilst also improving access to finance solutions for Indigenous businesses.

‘These collaborative arrangements are part of our efforts to continually improve and innovate IBA services and offerings to build impactful partnerships with Indigenous groups and communities as we work with them to support their needs and aspirations.

By entering into these partnership arrangements with Indigenous organisations, IBA brings its scale, connections, expertise and new and existing services and products to work in partnership with key Indigenous organisations to better deliver business support services and respond to business demand, particularly in remote and regional areas.

These services include the ability to provide business loans along with the new IBA products like the start-up, procurement and invoice finance solutions to enhance and complement the services and relationships the partner organisations can provide to Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs.

IBA has a range of partnership agreements in place with several key stakeholders and continues to negotiate with others.

The agreements focus on working together to support localised Indigenous businesses through capability and capacity development and include collaborative effort with large Indigenous organisations, Indigenous chamber of commerce groups, industry and other government departments to drive growth and success

Mr Tallis said the partnerships are intended to work towards empowering local Indigenous organisations agencies to support their Indigenous businesses and enable them to better identify appropriate IBA products and services.

‘For example, through IBA’s partnership with PSG Holdings (a services based organisation), IBA is helping to develop a number of Indigenous businesses who will be upskilled and trained to a point where they’ll be given a “live” contract with PSG and then have the ability to win tenders for services contracts in their own right.

‘To deliver similar beneficial outcomes for Indigenous businesses IBA has entered into a range of other partnerships with organisations, including with Charles Sturt University (to deliver ‘pop-up’ events targeting Indigenous entrepreneurs in regional NSW), to establish a business hub for Indigenous businesses in Western Australia, Australia’s largest Indigenous corporation – the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) in the Northern Territory, Cape York Partnership in Queensland and Wunan Foundation in Western Australia’, Mr Tallis said.

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