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Tax Matters Workshops

IBA presents free half-day business development workshops about tax for Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses. Taxes help governments provide services to the community and they are sometimes collected by businesses on behalf of the government. If you are in business you need to be aware of your obligations, changes to legislation, what you can claim as deductions; and […]

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Law Workshops

Terri Janke and IBA have teamed up to present free half day workshops across Australia. Law Way: Indigenous Business and the Law workshop Everybody will tell you, it’s tough running a business. But it’s easier when you get help from an expert. Sometimes just a few tips, or a few answers. Want to start up your own […]

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Digital Marketing Workshops

Getting your message out to customers in a cluttered market place can be challenging. Finding new ways of telling your story and getting a return takes constant vigilance. IBA runs free one-day workshops for Indigenous business owners to develop or improve their marketing effort by effectively leveraging digital technologies. At the end of the workshop you can […]

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Procurement Workshops

Business opportunities are rapidly increasing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Businesses are already working with Indigenous suppliers in meeting their corporate responsibilities and as part of its Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), the Australian Government has committed to awarding three per cent of new domestic contracts to Indigenous suppliers by 2019–20. Within the first […]

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Growth Workshops

For existing business owners, a good plan is essential to identify opportunities that can grow the business. A business growth strategy involves more than simply envisioning its long-term success. IBA runs one day workshops for Indigenous business owners who want to grow their business. Participants can expect to leave the workshop with a clearer understanding […]

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Start Up Workshops

Investing time into proper planning and research is key to turning your ideas into reality. When setting up a business, planning can improve your chances of success. IBA runs workshops for Indigenous Australians who have well-researched business proposals and are ready to act. The one day workshop assists participants to identify what steps are required […]

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Accelerator Program

IBA has partnered with Investible and The Difference Incubator to deliver Accelerator Programs tailored to Indigenous entrepreneurs. Over a period of two to three months, you will be: Supported and empowered to gain clarity on your mission; Be able to make key business decisions efficiently and effectively; Refine your business model; Understand and validate your […]

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Appendix: Performance Table

The criteria in this table are indicators from IBA’s 2017-18 Portfolio Budget Statements and are aligned to the key elements of IBA’s purposes. The approach and criteria to performance measures have been revised since the 2016–17 corporate plan and portfolio budget statements, to better demonstrate and achieve our purposes. Is calculated as the sum of […]

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Performance Delivery

Our impact is made when Indigenous Australians have more opportunity in home ownership, business success and investment gain—that is, they have more opportunity to build wealth and economic independence—than they did without IBA. Our performance reporting informs government, customers, staff and other key stakeholders about how we are achieving our purposes. The key reporting elements […]

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IBA partnership approach benefits Indigenous Australians in NQ

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) has entered into partnerships with the NQ Region of the Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) and the Townsville Region Indigenous Business Network (TRIBN). The objective of this partnership is to assist construction aligned Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in the North Queensland Region to win […]

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