About Us

Our vision is for a nation in which the First Australians are economically independent and an integral part of the economy.

Economic independence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is at the heart of IBA’s vision and programs.

We want Indigenous Australians to have the same financial opportunities as other Australians. Through IBA’s programs, we attempt to remove some of the obstacles that may prevent our customers from creating wealth, accumulating assets and fulfilling their aspirations.

These programs assist Indigenous Australians to buy their own homes, own their own businesses and invest in commercial ventures that provide strong financial returns.

We invite you to learn more about:

  • Our Values and Our Commitment – which inform everything we do
  • Our History
  • Our Publications – featuring reports and  brochures, and stories of IBA customers who are achieving positive outcomes at an individual, community and corporate level
  • Working with IBA – the employment, training and contracting opportunities we have available.
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