Information Publication Scheme

The Information Publication Scheme (IPS) aims to transform the freedom of information framework from one that responds to individual requests for access to documents, to one that requires Australian Government agencies to take a proactive approach to publishing information.

Information Publication Scheme Plan for IBA

Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) establishes an Information Publication Scheme (IPS) for agencies, reflecting increased recognition that public sector information should be managed for public purposes, as a national resource. Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) intends to foster a culture of continuous and proactive disclosure.

Read the Information Publication Scheme Plan for IBA (PDF 603KB, new window)

Who we are

What we do

Current major organisational documents

Our reports and responses to Parliament

Operational information

IBA’s operational documents are sorted by program area under the following four links. Additional publications are housed in our Publications section.

IBA is exempt from publishing documents that relate to its commercial dealings.

Routinely requested information and disclosure log

IBA will continue to monitor information which is routinely requested during the period prior to the next review and will publish those documents on this website. IBA will identify these documents in its Freedom of Information Disclosure Log.

Executive Remuneration

As a Commonwealth Corporate Entity, IBA is required to report annually on its directors/senior executive/senior management remuneration and meets this obligation through its annual report.  In addition, IBA has been requested to publish relevant information relating to executive remuneration on its website.

The position of Chief Executive Officer is classified as a Principal Executive Officer and is remunerated consistent with determinations as and when made by the Remuneration Tribunal (an independent statutory body that determines the remuneration of key commonwealth offices).  IBA Directors are considered part time public office holders and are remunerated in accordance with determinations as and when made by the Remuneration Tribunal for part time public office holders.

IBA’s Senior Executives are generally engaged on term based employment contracts which detail the terms and conditions of employment including remuneration.  Under the Privacy Act 198, an individual’s remuneration information is considered personal information. Given the small number of substantive senior executives (three as of 30 June 2017) any further disclosure of information regarding specific elements of remuneration may cause an individual or individuals to be identified.

Terms and conditions for all other staff (including senior managers) are contained in IBA’s Enterprise Agreement 2016 – 19.


There are currently no proposals whereby IBA is seeking public consultation. Should IBA undertake any work that utilises public consultation, the relevant details will be published here.

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