Our Values

IBA staff contributions to the "word wall" at our National Office.

IBA staff contributions to the “word wall” at our National Office.

Professional – We act in a commercial manner, building and maintaining a reputation for excellence in both our dealings with our stakeholders and in our decision making processes.

Outcome focused – We are creative, flexible, and results driven. We have courage to attempt solutions in difficult business situations.

Collaborative – We build partnerships with our clients, business partners and our stakeholders. Internally we draw together our skills, knowledge and expertise to harness the breadth of capabilities in IBA.

Responsive – We meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders in a timely way. We take the time to listen to be sure we understand what needs to be done.

Proactive – We anticipate opportunities and plan ahead so we are ready for new challenges.

Realistic – We face challenges with practical and achievable solutions.

Respectful – We aim to understand the cultural and social context in which we work, we build trust and display integrity in our dealings.

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