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Many Australians have created successful businesses out of things they are passionate about. However, business success also requires:

  • an understanding of your chosen industry
  • thorough research into and knowledge of the products and services you can offer
  • an understanding of your target market, and
  • an appreciation of the skills required in managing both the day-to-day and long term finances and operations of a business.

The better developed your research, vocational and management skills are, the greater your likelihood of success.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) offers free Into Business™ workshops as part of its Business Development and Assistance Program for aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs. The workshops are designed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to fully investigate and research their business ideas before taking the leap into business ownership.

Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only.

The three one-day, self-paced workshops are spaced over the course of several weeks, and are held in locations around Australia, including regional and remote areas.

What will I learn at the workshops?

Through the workshops you will work with a business specialist to learn how to thoroughly research your business idea to determine whether it is commercially viable, and what is required to manage a business on a day-to-day basis.

Your full and active participation in the workshops and completion of follow up research tasks is essential for you to progress through the program, and will increase your chance of success on your journey to becoming your own boss. At the end of the workshops you will complete your own business plan that will assist you to run your own business. Some businesses will require further expertise which can be supported through our business support service.

How are the workshops structured?

The three one-day Into Business™ workshops are spaced apart over several weeks to give you time to complete further research on your business idea or plan. The workshops cover the following broad topics:

Workshop A – Your business idea, goals and expectations

During this workshop you will learn about the various skills needed to run a business and to help you further develop your idea. You will join in discussions about business goals and expectations, how to research the business and the product/service, the risks involved, and the planning process. You will be given research tasks about your business idea which you must complete in order to be invited to attend workshop B.

Workshop B – Marketing and managing your business

Workshop B offers a greater opportunity to learn more about how to develop your product/service and a market/client base. You will learn about business competition, marketing, pricing, distribution, sourcing suppliers and other business resources. If you still wish to proceed in developing your business idea, you will be given research tasks which you must complete in order to be invited to attend workshop C.

Workshop C – Financial planning and management

In this final workshop you will be guided through the financial side of operating a business, including commercial viability, financial projections, business planning and where to find further assistance.

How much do the workshops cost?

There is no fee for attending the Into Business™ workshops, and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. However, be mindful that you may need to cover extra costs such as transport to and from the venue and parking. Because the workshops are held during the week you may also need to take time off work.

What happens after the workshops?

Following successful completion of the Into Business™ workshop series, you may be eligible for one-on-one assistance from an experienced business consultant (funded by IBA) to help you take the next steps towards business ownership.

Where and when are the workshops held?

View a list of forthcoming Into Business™ workshop A dates. These dates are indicative only and are subject to change.

How do I apply?

You can telephone 1800 107 107 and follow the prompts to discuss your business idea with one of our staff, or email us using the form below.

If you and your business meet IBA’s eligibility criteria, you will be invited to attend IBA’s Into Business™ workshops. However, some applicants with well-developed business ideas/plans and experience may be invited to apply directly to work with a business consultant to develop their business plan. Most applicants are likely to benefit from first attending the Into Business™ workshops.

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