Law Workshops

Terri Janke and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) have teamed up to present free half day workshops  across Australia in 2017.

Law Way: Indigenous Business and the Law workshop
Everybody will tell you, it’s tough running a business. But it’s easier when you get help from an expert. Sometimes just a few tips, or a few answers.

• Want to start up your own business?
• Want to turbo charge an existing business?
• Do you have a skill, service or product that’s in demand?
• Do you want to be your own boss? Want to do it your way?
• What’s the best way? Who to believe?
• No more talk, time to step up.

Joint Ventures and the Law workshop
A business development workshop specifically designed for the needs of Indigenous entrepreneurs, organisations and PBC’s who are considering a joint venture (JV).
JV’s are particularly useful when the two parties have the similar goals and value systems, but different resources and different skill strengths. For example, a “money-partner-with-no-time” might link up with a “skilled-partner-with-no-money” to create a viable JV. Combined, there can be a clear sense of purpose and a stronger set of resources.

To book
If you are interested in attending and want to know more, please contact [email protected] or (02) 9693 2577.

 Workshop dates to be advised

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