Home Ownership

Many Indigenous Australians share the dream of owning a home where they can:

  • create a secure and stable environment to raise and nurture their families
  • avoid the uncertainties of renting
  • create a source of financial security and independence for current and future generations.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) aims to contribute to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous home ownership rates, and make buying a home a realistic choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families.

The Indigenous Home Ownership program

IBA, through a package of concessional housing finance and after-care support, assists eligible customers to:

  • purchase an established residential property
  • purchase land and/or construct a new home
  • make essential improvements to an existing home.

The level of financial assistance IBA can provide will depend on your individual circumstances and location.

Most housing loans are offered to first home buyers who have the capacity to repay a long term loan but are unable to secure finance from a bank or other home lending institution. Applicants on higher incomes may be required to source a portion of their required loan funding from alternative lending institutions.

Historically, the choice of home ownership has not been available for Indigenous Australians living on community titled inalienable land, primarily due to the underlying tenure of the property not providing sufficient security to a lender. Land tenure reforms in some jurisdictions now allow Indigenous Australians living on community titled land to be able to buy their own home rather than being constrained to continue renting social or community housing. IBA can now assist them through its IHO program.

The following 6 minute DVD, An Introduction to Home Ownership explains the Indigenous Home Ownership Program and how to begin the process of applying for a housing  loan with IBA. Alternatively you can read a transcript of this DVD as a PDF (157KB, new window) or as plain text.


To be considered for an IBA housing loan:

  • you must be over 18 years of age
  • at least one applicant must be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • you must be able to meet minimum deposit requirements (the First Home Owners Grant may assist)
  • you must have the capacity to meet housing loan repayments.

Are you considering home ownership?

Home ownership is perhaps the most important and expensive purchase you will ever make. Reading more about Getting Ready for Home Ownership and the Additional Costs of Buying a Home can assist you to make an informed choice that suits both your current personal and financial circumstances, and your plans for the future.

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