Home Ownership

Indigenous Business Australia aims to contribute to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous home ownership rates, and make buying a home a realistic choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families.

Many Indigenous Australians share the dream of owning a home where they can:

  • create a secure and stable environment to raise and nurture their families
  • avoid the uncertainties of renting
  • create a source of financial security and independence for current and future generations.

The Indigenous Home Ownership program

The McGinness family pictured inside the house they have constructed in Far North Queensland.

The McGinness family have constructed a home that suits the changing needs of their young family.

IBA’s Indigenous Home Ownership program provides an affordable entry into home ownership for Indigenous Australians, particularly those on lower incomes, and first home buyers who have difficulty obtaining housing loan finance from mainstream commercial lenders.

IBA Housing Loans are available to Indigenous Australians buying in most cases their first home and who are unable to borrow all of the required funds from another lender (for example, a bank or credit union).

IBA offers housing loan products to enable eligible customers to buy an established residential property, buy and upgrade an established residential property, or buy land and construct a new home.

IBA also provides loans and coordinates additional assistance for individuals wishing to buy or renovate an existing home or construct a new home in Emerging Market locations.

Whether you are considering home ownership, or managing an existing housing loan, we invite you to read more about:

  • Buying a Home – including preparing for home ownership, purchase options and considerations, and the costs of buying a home.
  • IBA Housing Loans – IBA loan products, loan interest rates and loan fees.
  • Applying for a Housing Loan – the process of obtaining a housing loan with IBA.
  • Managing Your Housing Loan – information that may assist you in managing your finances and meeting your housing loan repayments.

For further information

Download IBA’s Understanding Home Ownership brochure (PDF 922KB, new window) or find out more about our:

Do you know that IBA can also assist Indigenous Australians to enter into business ownership and joint venture investments? Our About Us flyer (PDF 1.8MB, new window) provides a brief introduction to these and other IBA programs and services.

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