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The Fitzroy River Lodge, Fitzroy Crossing

In Fitzroy Crossing (WA), Leedal and IBA are creating employment and training opportunities for local Aboriginal people at the Fitzroy River Lodge.

Effectively managing its resources – be they human, financial, cultural or technical – can assist an organisation to achieve its purpose and business objectives.

The following resources are designed to supplement existing policies and processes of Indigenous organisations engaged in investment opportunities with IBA.

Governance, shareholdings and asset management

Operational instruction or procedure  Sample document
Mapping the structure and relationships within an organisation. Example – Organisational Chart (PDF 392KB, new window)
Recording the allocation of shares held in an organisation (where applicable). Example – Share Ownership Register (PDF 468KB, new window)
Identifying, recording and maintaining your business assets. Example – Asset Register (PDF 639KB, new window)
Recording the details of all insurance policies held by an organisation. Example – Insurance Register (PDF 510KB, new window)

Human Resources

Operational instruction or procedure  Sample document
Clarifying roles and responsibilities of key staff in relation to HSE issues. Example – Roles and Responsibilities (PDF 231KB, new window)
Recruitment and human resources.  content of around 15 words to match Example – Application for Employment (PDF 232KB, new window)
For use in conjunction with an Application for Employment. Example – Job Description Form (PDF 670KB, new window)
Evaluating and comparing candidates applying for employment with an organisation. Example – Interview Evaluation Form (PDF 98KB, new window)
Assisting new staff members to commence employment. Example – Induction Checklist (PDF 196KB, new window)
Record the personal and contact details for each employee. Example Employee Details (PDF 154KB, new window)
Developing an internal Indigenous Employment Strategy. Example – Indigenous Employment Checklist (PDF 182KB, new window)
Managing relationships with external subcontractors. Example – Subcontractor Management Procedures (PDF 190KB. new window)
Managing risks to staff associated with driving to or within remote areas. Example – Driving in Remote Areas Procedure (PDF 236KB, new window)
Managing risks to staff associated with work-related travel. Example – Work Related Travel Plan and Support (PDF 212KB, new window)
Clarifying rights and responsibilities of employees in relation to sexual harassment in the workplace. Example – Sexual Harassment Procedures (PDF 180KB, new window)
Clarifying rights and responsibilities of employees in relation to basic workplace health. Example – Basic Employee Health Procedures (PDF 185KB, new window)
Ensuring equal employment opportunities are provided within an organisation. Example – Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF 251KB, new window)

Health Safety Environment (HSE)

Operational instruction or procedure Sample document
Outlines the aims and commitments of an organisation to HSE issues affecting staff, the general public (where applicable), and the environment. Example – Health Safety Environment Policy (PDF 262KB, new window)
Identifying what HSW issues an organisation may face and strategies for reducing and/or managing such risks. Example – Health Safety Environment Risk Register (PDF 129KB, new window)
Record past and future training for employees in Health Safety Environment. Example – Health Safety Environment Training Matrix (PDF 146KB, new window)
Managing both planned and unexpected change and reducing subsequent Health Safety Environment risks. Example – Change Management Process (PDF 380KB, new window)
Outlines the process for dealing with workplace grievances by or affecting employees Example – Grievance Policy (PDF 124KB, new window)
Details all licenses and qualifications held by company directors and employees. Example – Licenses/Qualifications Register (PDF 163KB, new window)
Outlines expectations regarding staff use of an organisation’s vehicles. Example – Vehicle Driving Policy (PDF 192KB, new window)
Records the maintenance history and service requirements for all on-site electrical equipment. Example – Electrical Equipment Register (PDF 159KB, new window)
Records the maintenance history and service requirements for all on-site plant equipment. Example – Plant and Equipment register (PDF 178KB, new window)

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