Financial Management Resources

Creating and implementing strong financial and asset management processes and procedures can assist an organisations to achieve its purpose and business objectives.

The following resources are designed to supplement the existing financial policies and procedures of Indigenous organisations engaged in investment opportunities with IBA.

Operational instruction or procedure Sample document
Managing the fixed assets of an organisation. Example – Asset Management Procedures (PDF 380KB, new window)
Recording planned and actual expenditure. Example – Budget Reporting Template (PDF 248KB, new window)
Identifying, describing and managing risks to an organisation. Example – Business Risk Management Plan (PDF 126KB, new window)
Recording and managing cash receipts. Example – Cash Management Procedures (PDF 225KB, new window)
Paying wages and salaries to directors and employees. Example – Payroll Procedures (PDF 226KB, new window)
Managing purchases and payments owned by an organisation. Example – Purchases and Accounts Payable Procedure (PDF 245KB, new window)
Managing sales and payments owing to an organisation. Example – Sales and Accounts Receivable Procedures (PDF 257KB, new window)
Preparing financial statements and managing financial reporting. Example – Financial Statements and Reporting (PDF 252KB, new window)

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