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Case study – Fitzroy River Lodge

IBA is implementing innovative strategies across its direct investment assets in order to drive Indigenous employment, training and procurement outcomes.

IBA and a Western Australian Indigenous organisation, Leedal, established a joint venture in 2001 to acquire the Fitzroy River Lodge in Fitzroy Crossing.

In 2012, Leedal secured the management rights to operate the lodge, creating a significant income stream to benefit its community. This coincided with a renewed focus on improving the employment and training opportunities for local Indigenous people at the business.

Fitzroy River Lodge in the Fitzroy Valley, WA.

Leedal aims to be the largest private employer of Aboriginal people in the Fitzroy Valley.

In 2014, Leedal invited IBA to facilitate a series of workshops with their business and community partners to develop an Indigenous Engagement Strategy.

The strategy aims to increase Indigenous employment and economic participation through attracting and retaining employees across all the Leedal businesses. As part of the strategy’s objectives, Leedal will provide training and career development, engage with local and regional Aboriginal enterprises to procure supplies and services, support community and cultural activities, and enhance the economic base of the Fitzroy Valley.

A key element of the strategy was the recruitment of an Aboriginal Liaison Officer at the Fitzroy River Lodge. This has proven to be effective way to promote employment opportunities, source new talent, provide mentoring and support to staff, and establish deeper relationships with community partners.