Case Study – Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust

Long term investment solutions for Indigenous communities

The Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust Fund was established in 2013 to allow Indigenous Australians to receive returns from commercial property assets located across Australia.

IREIT website imageSince September 2014, the Fund’s operations have been overseen by an external independent trustee, One Managed Investment Funds Limited (the Trustee).

Through its research, IBA has witnessed a rise in the number and level of native title settlements and land use agreements in recent times. IBA research indicates:

  • Approximately $10 to 15 billion in investable assets are held by Indigenous communities;
  • Indigenous communities generally do not have access to good quality investment advice or funds management.
  • Indigenous communities are looking for long-term investment solutions to:
    • build wealth for the next generation;
    • reduce dependency on government funding;
    • diversify away from traditional bank deposits and earn higher returns on other investments; and
    • plan beyond the finite sources of funding such as mining royalties.

Read more about the Fund in our article Building on Trust.

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