Indigenous Investment Principles Signatories

The purpose of the Indigenous Investment Principles (IIP) is to provide guidance to effectively facilitate greater economic resilience for Indigenous Australians, organisations and communities, and to empower groups to be strong, active participants in the Australian economy.

Indigenous organisations are encouraged to become signatories of the IIP.

Signatory benefits include annual workshops for selected signatories, networking opportunities, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and access to online resources.

Indigenous organisations who wish to apply to become a signatory must complete and submit a Letter of Commitment (PDF 713KB) and:

  • publicly endorse the Principles
  • participate in an Into-Investing Workshop delivered by IBA
  • participate in a survey on their experience implementing the Principles.

Signatories are encouraged to actively adopt IIP provisions in their investment practice. Signatories are required to complete a survey on their experience with implementation of IIP, detailing key successes as well as challenges and lessons learnt. The latter are particularly important and necessary for the successful implementation of the IIP.

Other membership options include:

  • Founding Signatories: Organisations and individuals who actively participated in the development of the IIP
  • Affiliates Signatories: Non-Indigenous organisations that would like to publicly express support for the IIP. This partnership enables network supporters to work with the IIP to raise awareness of Indigenous investment within the investment community in different regions and sectors.

Download a printable copy of the Indigenous Investment Principles (PDF 600KB) or for more information please Email Us.



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