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Becoming Investment Ready

In parallel with its investment objectives, IBA aims to support its Indigenous investment partners to:

  • improve their business knowledge and commercial and investment capabilities
  • prepare for a time when they can own and manage their investment independently of IBA.

Creating and implementing strong governance, strategic and operational processes and instructions can assist an organisation to achieve its business objectives.

The following resources may assist our Indigenous investment partners to implement or enhance their own processes and instructions.

What’s your organisational need?

Governance and Strategy Resources

Decision-making structures, processes and plans.

Management Resources

Effective management of people and resources.

Financial Management Resources

Financial management by and within organisations.

Additional Resources

Other potentially useful bodies and service providers.

We welcome your feedback

IBA aims to ensure that these resources remain relevant and meaningful to our Indigenous investment partners and stakeholders. If you have any feedback please email us.

For further information

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