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Governance and Strategy Resources

Creating and implementing strong decision-making structures and processes can assist an organisation to achieve its purpose and current and future business objectives.

The following resources are designed to supplement the existing policies and processes of Indigenous organisations engaged in investment opportunities with IBA.

Operational instruction or procedure

Sample document

Mapping the structure and relationships within an organisation.

Recording the allocation of shares held in an organisation (where applicable).

Complying with legal obligations at governance, management and operational levels.

Complying with legal obligations at governance, management and operational levels.

Recording information about business assets (eg land, buildings, plant/equipment) above a specified value (eg $500 or $1,000).

Recording the details of all insurance policies held by an organisation.

Indigenous Investment Principles

The Indigenous Investment Principles (IIP) aim to provide an investment framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities to create intergenerational wealth.

Representatives from more than 40 Indigenous organisations worked together to create the principles, which address some of the common identified challenges and opportunities their respective organisations have faced in establishing effective governance and investment strategies.

The Principles are designed to assist organisations and communities with varying levels of financial knowledge, social and financial infrastructure to assess their individual circumstances and formulate an investment strategy that best meets their needs and aspirations.

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IBA aims to ensure that these resources remain relevant and meaningful to our Indigenous investment partners. If you have any feedback please email us.

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