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Our Investment Selection Criteria

In assessing all new investment opportunities, IBA’s transaction team is guided by a formal investment strategy which was established in accordance with the organisation’s statutory mandate.

Every investment opportunity is unique and is assessed against its overall strategic goals, with returns and risks carefully weighed against established criteria.

In building and managing our investment portfolio, we are guided by an integrated investment philosophy which includes consideration of Our Investment Guiding Principles and of the following factors.

Potential for financial sustainability 

IBA considers the risk of capital loss from any investment activity over the short and long terms.

Potential for positive Indigenous economic impact

IBA considers the potential for the investment to deliver:

  • financial returns to Indigenous partners
  • employment opportunities, training and education outcomes
  • procurement of goods and services from Indigenous-owned businesses
  • corporate governance development at the organisational level.

Promotion of portfolio diversity

The portfolio’s risk is diversified to minimise the effects of individual investment failure, industry-specific events or regional economic downturns.

Potential to introduce specialist management

IBA considers the strength of the management arrangements, the capability of the management team and the team’s willingness to commit to Indigenous capability development, employment, training and procurement.

Transaction size

Typically between $10 million and $25 million.

Appropriate structuring and governance

IBA seeks to protect itself against risks arising from investment activities through prudent structuring and good governance.

Potential for exit

IBA’s goal is to enable its Indigenous partners to acquire the capability to own and manage the investment in their own right.

Ability to leverage IBA’s unique position

IBA aims to maximise the value proposition of the service it offers.

In addition to financial and economic development outcomes, many of our investments carry social and cultural significance for our Indigenous partners.

We measure our success not only by monetary returns and metrics, but from the insights gained and the stories shared by our investment partners.

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