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Our Impact

Through our Investments Program, IBA supports the creation of sustainable ventures for Indigenous Australians that provide meaningful opportunities to:

  • accumulate wealth
  • develop their capacity to participate in Australia’s economy
  • create jobs
  • increase training and skills development and
  • supply goods and services.

Through working with IBA’s existing and potential partners, sustainable impact solutions are tailored to the needs of clients and assets.

You can read more about the outcomes for our Indigenous partners in our Case Studies.

Asset ownership

Manage 22 direct investments and three trusts.

Working with 40 Indigenous Communities/Organisations and 60 Indigenous businesses across Australia who leased assets from IBA across Australia.

Wealth accumulation

Current investment portfolio valued at $279.6 million, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander investors owning, in aggregate, equity interests of $108.8 million.

Stable and enduring income

$6.58 million annual distributions to Indigenous Partners.

396 jobs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, representing 35.2% of the total workforce in the Investments portfolio. With total salaries, wages and job relevant training for direct investments of $12.5m.

$5 million of services and products were sourced from 59 Indigenous suppliers.

Employment opportunities

Many of IBA’s investments support direct employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians because they are located in areas where many Indigenous Australians live and Indigenous engagement is actively promoted.

IBA works with its internal and external stakeholders to ensure that support is provided to Indigenous employees by:

  • Developing partnerships with Indigenous Australians and local employment service providers
  • Providing support in the development of Indigenous Engagement Strategies
  • Promoting inclusive and culturally aware workplaces
  • Implementing best-practice Indigenous employment, retention and progression strategies
  • Assisting staff members who move or plan to move from Indigenous communities to pursue employment opportunities.

Training and skills development

IBA encourages its investee businesses and capability partners to provide job-relevant training for their Indigenous employees. This includes formal skills development, on-the-job training, traineeships, apprenticeships, cadetships and mentoring. Where possible, IBA works with external partners to provide certified training that enhances the career development opportunities for employees in the long term.

Capacity development

IBA aims to ensure its Indigenous investment partners and potential future investors have the commercial capability to generate the best possible outcomes by providing mentoring, training and independent professional advice.

In 2014–15 IBA facilitated the development of the Indigenous Investment Principles (IIPs), a voluntary framework to assist Indigenous Australians, organisations and communities to establish strong economic foundations and assist in generating intergenerational wealth. The IIPs are designed to assist organisations and communities with varying levels of financial knowledge to assess their individual circumstances and formulate an investment strategy that best meets their needs and aspirations.

IIP; Into-Investing Workshops have been developed and designed to deliver the Indigenous Investment Principles, these workshops commenced in October 2016 and will continue to be delivered across Australia into 2017 and beyond.

To find out more about the workshops »

Supply chain opportunities

Working with Supply Nation, Indigenous chambers of commerce, local networks and individual customers, IBA identifies Indigenous-owned businesses that can supply the goods and services. These suppliers have proven that Indigenous businesses can provide a quality service at competitive prices. IBA also leverages its corporate connections to create new commercial opportunities for Indigenous businesses.