Our Impact

Through our Investments Program, IBA supports the creation of sustainable ventures for Indigenous Australians that provide meaningful opportunities to:

  • accumulate wealth
  • develop their capacity to participate in Australia’s economy
  • create jobs
  • increase training and skills development and
  • supply goods and services.

Employment and training opportunities

IBA encourages its investee businesses and capability partners to provide job-relevant training for their Indigenous employees. This includes formal skills development, on-the-job training, traineeships, apprenticeships, cadetships and mentoring.

As at 30 June 2015, IBA’s investments employed 241 Indigenous Australians, representing 28 per cent of the total workforce across its portfolio, and provided approximately $18 million in wages and job-relevant training.

Capacity development

IBA has a proactive focus on capacity development, working closely with partners to implement clear pathways to ensure ownership transitions occur in line with objectives set at the start of an investment.

Through direct investment and in parallel with our objectives, IBA supports its Indigenous partners to develop and enhance their business knowledge. This provides them with a sound understanding of governance and management requirements, preparing them for a time in the future when they can own and manage the investment independently of IBA.

In 2014-15, IBA took part in the development of the Indigenous Investment Principles, a new national model to assist Indigenous Australians, organisations and communities to achieve their economic potential and assist in generating intergenerational wealth. Read more about the Indigenous Investment Principles.

Social and cultural impact

In addition to financial and economic development outcomes, many investments carry social and cultural significance for our Indigenous partners.

In partnership with Social Ventures Australia Consulting, IBA has developed an affordable, transparent and objective system that measures social impact. Read more about our partnership with Social Ventures Australia

Supporting Indigenous business, programs and services

Where possible, IBA seeks to extend the economic development opportunities provided through its investments to the wider community.

For instance, through its joint ventures, IBA has encouraged a number of non-Indigenous capability partners to implement Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) at the investment.

IBA is also working with its Indigenous partners to strengthen Indigenous impacts which have resulted in Wilpena Pound Resort and Fitzroy River Lodge implementing Indigenous Engagement Strategies, and Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park developing a RAP.

IBA has also connected Indigenous suppliers with non-Indigenous capability partners, enabling them to pursue common business interests. (During the 2014-15 financial year, IBA investments procured more than $4.8 million worth of goods and services from Indigenous suppliers.

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