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Renewables and Industrial

IBA’s renewable energy portfolio focuses on identifying opportunities in remote and very remote Indigenous communities to displace diesel-fired electricity generation with renewable energy and storage solutions. In addition to this, IBA is actively looking to promote energy reliability and security in rural communities located on the edge of the major electricity networks.

The industrial portfolio provides financial and non-financial returns to Indigenous Australians through exposure to a broad range of sectors in the Australian economy. The portfolio provides significant employment and training opportunities in the mining sectors.

Mining and mine Services

Scarborough House, Atlantic Street, Woden, ACT

Carpentaria Shipping Services Pty Ltd

Carpentaria Shipping Services Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Mawa Riinbi Pty Ltd, and IBA and P&O Maritime Services.

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Business services

Scarborough House, Atlantic Street, Woden, ACT

Message Stick Communications

Message Stick Communications is a highly successful, majority Indigenous-owned business.

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