JV has positive impact on the Fitzroy Crossing Community

In light of a recent article appearing in the West Australian regarding the Fitzroy Crossing Inn, IBA’s chairman Mr Joseph Elu has agreed to undertake an independent review of IBA’s involvement in the investment. The General Manager of IBA said “IBA will appoint a prominent Australian to join the Chairman in a visit to this community to assess ways the business and community can further reduce the use of alcohol by local residents”.

IBA has been in a joint venture partnership with Leedal Pty Ltd in the Fitzroy Crossing Motor Inn and Fitzroy River Lodge since 2001. In approaching IBA to become a partner, one of Leedal’s motivations was “to enable local Indigenous interests to control the sale of take-away alcohol, as the unlimited availability of take-away alcohol was having an adverse impact on the community…”

The Fitzroy Crossing Joint Ventures and their positive impact on the Fitzroy Crossing Community

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