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Copyright in the information contained on this website – including text, graphics, logos, icons, images, video and audio clips, designs, interfaces and layout of the website – is owned and protected by Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

1. Personal and non-commercial use of material

Provided that the material is not altered, changed or reworked in any way, and provided that you appropriately and correctly acknowledge IBA as the owner of all intellectual property rights in the reproduced material, you may download, display, print and reproduce the written material on this website – (excluding logos) for:

  • personal, non-commercial use
  • educational research and study purposes
  • criticism and review purposes.

Reproduction of any material is subject to the requirements of the Copyright Act 1968.

All other rights are reserved. You may not broadcast any material from this website in whole or in part without prior written approval from IBA.

Any reproduction must include a copy of the original copyright and disclaimer notices as set out here.

2. Commercial and other use of material

You may not use, download, print, copy, display, broadcast, reproduce, publish, re-transmit or distribute any information or material from this website for commercial use without seeking prior written approval from IBA.

Any approval granted is subject to the requirements of the Copyright Act 1968 and any reproduction must include a copy of the original copyright and disclaimer notices as set out here.

You may not use this website to sell a product or service or to increase traffic to your website for commercial purposes such as advertising.

3. Linking to the IBA website

Permission to link to this website is dependent on your agreement not to make any alteration to the IBA website content. Permission is not granted to reproduce, reframe or reformat the files, pages, images, information and materials from this web site.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about copyright in any of IBA’s materials, you can consult the Copyright Act 1968, or Email Us.


The information contained on this webpage is subject to change without notice.

The information contained on this website is general in nature and not tailored to your particular circumstances, objectives or needs. If you are eligible and decide to apply for products or services from IBA you should obtain independent financial and legal advice before signing any documentation or making any significant financial decisions. The information on this website may have changed since the website was prepared. IBA takes no responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by you in relying on the information on this website and no representation or warranty is made as to its fairness, accuracy or completeness.

IBA makes all reasonable efforts to ensure this website is permanently available for use, but does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted service.

Links to external websites have been included for your convenience but do not constitute an endorsement by IBA of the accuracy or currency of the information and material available on those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service.

In some cases the material may incorporate or summarise views, standards or recommendations of third parties. Such material is assembled in good faith, but does not necessarily reflect the considered views of IBA, or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action. The listing of a person or organisation in any part of this website in no way implies any form of endorsement of the products or services provided by that person or organisation.

IBA respects Indigenous cultures and has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the contents of this website do not offend Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In many areas of Indigenous Australia it is considered offensive to publish photographs or names of Aboriginal people who have recently died. Users are warned that this site may inadvertently contain such names or pictures.

IBA recognises the importance of protecting the security and privacy of information transmitted via this website.

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

Website accessibility

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) is committed to developing, designing and editing this website so that users of all abilities will have equal access to its information and functionality.

The  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) set internationally recognised benchmarks for accessibility of web content. In 2008 the World Wide Web Consortium released version 2.0 of those guidelines.

Since 2009, IBA has worked to incorporate many of the principles, guidelines and criteria of the WCAG into the colour, language, functionality and  layout of this website. This work is ongoing, so if you experience any difficulties in accessing information and/or web functionality, please Email Us.

The IBA website has been developed to display adequately on all commonly used browsers. It is optimised for a 1024 x 768 screen resolution but will scale appropriately to both higher and lower screen resolutions.

Wherever possible high contrast text is used on a plain background for improved readability. Web pages are set up to print out a print-friendly format. To print, use the print function in your browser and the page will be delivered with correct formatting and without unhelpful page items such as the navigation.

The Site Map provides a comprehensive listing of all published pages on the IBA website, with links to each web pages. Search the IBA website by typing one or more keywords into the search input box at the top right of any web page.

Most images are accompanied by a brief alt-text tag to identify the image or its function.

Text hyperlinks contain meaningful text which can be read by screen readers. Links to documents include the file type and size. Link text indicates if the link opens a new document or external websites in a new window.

Tables are prefaced by explanatory text, and tables are presented vertically for screen reader use.

Videos are prefaced by a summary of content and indication of length. Typed transcripts of video content are provided for all videos, and all future videos produced by IBA will be captioned during the production process.

To enlarge the text

To change the size of the text on this website, you change the text display settings in your web browser.

If you are using Windows

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  • in Opera press + (in some versions you might need to select the Shift key as well) to increase size and the – (minus) to decrease text size. Each click will increase or decrease the size by 10%. Alternatively select Alt + V to bring up the view menu and then select Z to bring up the zoom options then use the up and down arrow keys to select the option you want followed by Enter.

If you are using a Mac

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