IBA produces a range of publications and resources, reports and evaluations to assist our customers, celebrate their successes, and inform the community about our programs and services.

Brochures and fact sheets – Read more about IBA’s services, products and opportunities and find downloadable information sheets about IBA’s products and services.

Corporate documents – Access to IBA’s Annual Reports and Corporate Plans.

Forms – Access our Expression of Interest Register, Confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent, and Consent to Use Personal Information forms.

News and media – Read our latest news and updates.

Research – IBA commissions, participates in and supports targeted and practical research to grow the evidence base that determines its approach to Indigenous economic development.

Stories – Our Inspire stories showcase IBA customers achieving positive outcomes for themselves, their families and communities.

Brochures and fact sheets

IBA Impact Framework (PDF 4 MB) – This Impact Framework has been developed to enable IBA to improve our understanding of the economic, social and cultural impacts of our work and how these impacts generate change.

IBA ‘Invested’ – our overarching corporate brochure about IBA and what we can do for you. Here you will find a brief overview of all our products and services.

Our Customer Service Charter (PDF 410 KB) – states our commitment to providing the highest level of quality service, and details our process for receiving and handling feedback and complaints.

Business ownership

Your Business and IBA fact sheet (PDF 876KB, new window) – provides general information on IBA’s Business Development and Assistance Program.

Business skills workshops flyer (PDF 1.6MB) – an overview of the workshops available to assist customers at each stage of the business lifecycle.

Leasing solutions for Indigenous Australians (PDF 1 MB)– IBA provides tailored leasing solutions to grow Indigenous business.

Give your business a boost– provides general information about IBA’s procurement loan which can assist businesses to fulfil awarded contracts before receiving payment from the government.

Your business begins here (PDF 125KB) provides general information about IBA’s start-up finance package which includes a up to 30% of a new business loan as a grant which you will not have to repay.

Invoice Finance for Indigenous businesses (PDF 750 KB) – provides general information about invoice finance assistance for Indigenous-owned businesses.

Law Way: Indigenous Business (PDF 1MB) – written by Terri Janke,  this booklet has been developed to help Indigenous business owners understand their basic legal rights and responsibilities law way.

Indigenous Joint Ventures information guide – provides general advice and practical tips about joint ventures to assist Indigenous business and organisations seeking to enter into joint ventures.

Contracting in the Australian resource sector: Prequalifying Toolkit (PDF 3MB, new window):  this toolkit can assist your business to develop the internal processes and documentation expected of  contractors to major mining and resource companies.  To receive this toolkit as a Word document that can be copied and adapted for your particular needs please email us.

Nanga Mai Arung Dream Shield booklet (PDF 6 MB, new window): developed by Alison Page for IP Australia, a guide to protecting designs, brands and inventions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It features intellectual property (IP) success stories and tips for Aboriginal inventors, designers and business owners.

Home ownership

Home Loans for Indigenous Australians brochure (PDF 877KB, new window) – provides information on IBA’s Home Ownership Program for eligible individuals and families.

Financial hardship: finding support through the tough times (PDF, 235KB, new window) – this brochure has been produced as part of our ongoing commitment to support customers experiencing financial hardship.


Leasing solutions for Indigenous Australians brochure (PDF 944KB, new window) – provides general information on IBA’s asset leasing section.


Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent Confirmation (PDF 660KB, new window) – which asks you to provide evidence of your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Consent to Use Personal Information form (PDF 268KB, new window) – which asks you to give your consent to IBA for collection, use and sharing of your personal information.

Request to Review Housing Loan Form (PDF, 123KB, new window) – complete this form if you wish to request a review of your IBA housing loan.

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