Assets for Lease

We offer leasing services to Indigenous individuals, partnerships or organisations to assist in the establishment, consolidation or expansion of commercially viable businesses. Leasing provides an attractive alternative to buying as it requires less capital outlay to commence achieving business objectives.

Operating leases (rental agreements) for property, vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment that are specifically for business use. Either new or used assets can be provided.

Benefits of an operating lease include:

  • commercially competitive interest rates
  • payments that are fixed for the term of the lease
  • payments may be fully tax deductible
  • monthly direct debit facilities which allow easy payment processing
  • no application fee.

End of lease term options include:

  • returning the asset without obligation or further payment
  • continuing to rent the asset for an extended term
  • upgrading to a new asset
  • making an offer to purchase the asset

Check out our Asset Leasing Register for a list of pre-owned assets or property currently available.


For more information

View our Leasing solutions for Indigenous Australians brochure (PDF 944KB, new window)

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