Law Workshops

Terri Janke and IBA have teamed up to present free half day workshops across Australia.

Law Way: Indigenous Business and the Law workshop
Everybody will tell you, it’s tough running a business. But it’s easier when you get help from an expert. Sometimes just a few tips, or a few answers.

  • Want to start up your own business?
  • Want to turbo charge an existing business?
  • Do you have a skill, service or product that’s in demand?
  • Do you want to be your own boss? Want to do it your way?
  • What’s the best way? Who to believe?
  • No more talk, time to step up.

Joint Ventures and the Law workshop
A business development workshop specifically designed for the needs of Indigenous entrepreneurs, organisations and PBCs who are considering a joint venture (JV).  JVs are particularly useful when the two parties have the similar goals and value systems, but different resources and different skill strengths. For example, a “money-partner-with-no-time” might link up with a “skilled-partner-with-no-money” to create a viable JV. Combined, there can be a clear sense of purpose and a stronger set of resources.

To book
If you are interested in attending and want to know more, please send an email or phone 02 9693 2577 or check dates and locations for workshops to start or grow your business.


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