Start Up Workshops

’There’s no doubt that if we didn’t know IBA… we would not be where we are today. But you need to bring something to the table in the first place. You need necessary skills and the drive to put the hard yards in’. – Wayne McGinness, Aboriginal Steel Art

Investing time into proper planning and research is key to turning your ideas into reality. When setting up a business, planning can improve your chances of success.

IBA runs workshops for Indigenous Australians who have well-researched business proposals and are ready to act. The one day workshop assists participants to identify what steps are required to go in to business.

Business specialists will assist participants during the workshop to investigate and apply key marketing concepts, finance and general management to strengthen their business proposal. Attendees will create a one page document that clearly outlines their business model.

If you are looking to progress your business plan to a stage where you can pitch your business to lenders, partners or investors, as well as to understand the next steps towards launching your business, contact IBA today.

Check dates and locations for workshops to start or grow your business.


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