Procurement Loan

If you’ve been awarded a contract through the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) or another government program, you might need help meeting the initial capital requirements. This short term loan allows you to fulfil awarded contracts before you’ve received payment from the government, meaning your business can get moving right away.

Loan amount Up to $100k
Loan repayment options Initial interest only period, monthly principal and interest, and balloon payments aligned with a contract opportunity
Loan term Maximum 2 years
Fees Nil application and line service fees
Variable interest rate Competitive rates available
Security Minimum security requirements of general security agreement, director’s guarantee and specific security agreement over plant and equipment (where applicable)
Cash flow To meet up front contract costs and to assist in meeting cash flow timing differences
Minimum security requirements Additional tangible security is not required; however IBA will take a security interest over plant and equipment purchased with the funds, if deemed suitable
Flexible loan repayment Structured to suit the purpose and cash flow of the business
Working capital requirements must relate to a contract secured through the IPP or a state government procurement initiative, including sub-contracting to a tier one entity who has secured the same.
Other standard IBA Policy and Credit criteria apply.

For more information

View our Procurement Loan Flyer (PDF 85KB) 

The information provided has been prepared as a general guide only, without knowledge of your specific situation and is subject to change without notice. It is not an offer of credit. More information is available at


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