SBS News: Indigenous Australians to lead space industry at new Alice Springs earth ground station

Check out the SBS World News report on Australia’s first earth ground station owned and operated by an Aboriginal company.

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Adelaide office relocation

IBA staff from the Adelaide office have moved. From Tuesday 11 June the new Adelaide office address will be: Level 7 70 Franklin Street Adelaide SA 5000. The office postal address, staff phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

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IBA Media Release – Australia’s First Indigenous Earth Ground Station

IBA will fund Australia’s first earth ground station built and owned by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander company. The multi million dollar station will bring new jobs and economic opportunities to remote Australia.

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Supporting intergenerational wealth through Indigenous home ownership

Home ownership is a key pillar of economic independence. It generates not just an asset that can be handed down to future generations, but also better health, education and self-esteem for Indigenous Australians. Through IBA’s solutions, our customers build a credit history over time and create equity in a home.

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IBA Media Release: Young Indigenous people gather to re-shape the future of business

The inaugural Futures Forum kicks off this week to drive the future direction for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. It brings together Indigenous people aged between 18 to 30 that have experience in owning and operating a business and/or contributing to the development of the Indigenous economy.

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IBA Media Release: Dreams can come true – a home owner’s story

When Gnaala Karla Booja man Rodney Rankins talks about home ownership, his eyes light up with pride. He became the 19,000th home loan that IBA approved for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people since its inception.

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IBA Media Release: Budgeting for a home

IBA provided more home loans in the past financial year than ever before. The journey to home ownership isn’t easy, it takes planning, budgeting, forward thinking and commitment. IBA has created a budgeting workshop to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families to better understand the financial responsibilities of buying a home and […]

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Brisbane office relocation

IBA staff from the Brisbane office are relocating premises. The office move will occur between Friday 22 February and Monday 25 February. The move may result in some minor disruptions to office operations and staff will be unavailable on Friday 22 February. From Monday 25 February the new Brisbane office address will be: Level 19 […]

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Have you been impacted by the recent floods?

As an IBA customer in a flood affected area, we want to reassure you and your family that IBA is here in times of need. Please call 1800 064 800 if your home, business or employment arrangements have been affected by these floods.

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We want to know what YOU have to say about your home loan journey…

“I want IBA to do more of (insert your opinion here).” … If you have had contact with us in the last 12 months, you’ll get an email with a survey link over the next week. Your feedback will provide valuable input to improve our services, so please open the email and survey away!

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