Beau & Jess: IBA Invested In My Home Build

Have you ever considered building your own home? With IBA’s recent $150 million Government equity injection, building your own home could be a reality. For Bunyah man Beau and his wife Jess, building their first home was a dream come true. The couple was attracted to building for the freedom of creating a home that […]

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Breaking through barriers

For many young people, buying their first home in their 20s may seem out of reach, but Ryan and Keilan were determined to make it happen. Ryan McDonald, a Waka Waka man, and Keilan Carson, an Arunta man, are IBA’s 20,000th home loan customers since the inception of the Indigenous Home Ownership Program in 1975. […]

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Building a home – what to consider

Why build your own home? Building your own home – (through a licenced, registered builder) will be both exciting and challenging. The most important thing to do before anything else is research. Being prepared and understanding as much as you can before you begin making decisions will make the process less overwhelming. Have you ever […]

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Expanding for growth

Wadandi custodian Josh “Koomal” Whiteland started Koomal Dreaming over 10 years ago to share his deep connection with his country. From his home base of Dunsborough in Margaret River WA, Josh provides guests with the opportunity to taste native foods, discover bush medicine, and experience traditional fire lighting. He recounts stories of the Dreaming spirits […]

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Survive and thrive

Resilience during COVID-19 has many faces. Transforming opportunities can be an important part of the process. When COVID-19 hit the clothing business, The Ark, was significantly impacted. Owners Lyn and David saw an opportunity to expand to provide healthcare, hospitality and corporate industries with Australian made apparel.

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Milestone for IBA performance bonds

Since inception in 2018, the IBA Performance Bond Trust has now supported over 170 bonds worth $12 million, supporting contracts valued at nearly $202 million. Read how it has supported one business – Hicks Civil and Mining.

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IBA invested in Australia’s space industry

Check out this beautiful video as they construct two state-of-the-art commercial satellite ground stations in Alice Springs. The facility is the first development of its kind on Aboriginal owned land and transforms Australia’s capability in earth observation.

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IBA celebrates 30 years of Indigenous success

As IBA enters our 30th year, this milestone is an opportunity to celebrate thousands of inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, businesses and communities we have worked with over the past 30 years. Check out our throwback stories.

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Home ownership was a game-changer for these two Indigenous women’s families

Meet Kylie and Naomi, who are great examples of how home ownership changes lives long after the SOLD sticker goes up. This article is the last in a series featured by The Guardian Labs on the impacts of Indigenous home ownership.

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Beauty on the beach

Helen Martin is an Arrente woman with a passion for Aboriginal tourism and what she and her husband Trevor have created on Bremer Island is not to be missed! With permissions from the local Yolngu community, they run a beautiful eco-retreat on a pristine island off the coast of Arnhem Land.

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