Alignment & Collaboration

IBA recognises the value of effective stakeholder engagement and is committed to continually improving our approach in this area. To achieve our purposes, it is imperative that we align with government objectives and collaborate in a coordinated approach with relevant stakeholders in government, Indigenous organisations and communities.

The Australian Government’s Statement of Expectations and a Commonwealth entity’s Statement of Intent ensure that the responsibilities of portfolio bodies and other arms of government are well defined and aligned, and that the entity’s actions are transparent and accountable.

Our responsible minister, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion, issued a Statement of Expectations for IBA in May 2015. Through the responding Statement of Intent, IBA committed to efficiently develop our activities with a particular emphasis on improving economic outcomes through housing, business and investment opportunities.

To further develop our performance-reporting tools, IBA actively participates in the Department of Finance’s Performance Community of Practice, in which best practice ideals are shared across government entities.

Industry roundtables held with relevant Indigenous stakeholders in the business and housing sectors are an integral part of IBA’s engagement. They help to give us insight into the needs of the communities we work with and shape future growth in those sectors.

Having regard to the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Procurement Policy, as well as recommendations by the Australian National Audit Office, IBA is working to meet and progress initiatives for Indigenous businesses, communities and future home buyers.


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