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IBA supports the creation of sustainable ventures that provide meaningful opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to accumulate wealth, develop their capacity to participate in Australia’s economy, create jobs, increase training and skills development and supply goods and services.

We are focused on making a strong, positive impact with a portfolio that provides responsible financial returns and social impact for communities and our partners.

We do this by engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to understand what their needs are and offering solutions including well-managed, competitively priced long-term investment funds and acquiring in partnership, direct investment businesses with the management expertise and engagement approaches to generate financial and social impact.

  • Direct Investments
    IBA invests alongside Indigenous organisations in operating businesses in a range of sectors. These investments generate financial returns, as well as employment, training and supply chain benefits for Indigenous Australians.
  • Asset and funds management
    We offer a range of asset and funds management products and services including our Indigenous Prosperity Funds, Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust and Specialised Property Investments.
  • Specialised investments
    For Indigenous investors with a strong desire to invest in assets that have strategic or community significance within their local area. The portfolio diversifies across industry sectors (office, retail and industrial) and geographic locations nationally.