Investing and asset management

Investing with IBA

We have more than 25 years of experience in investing alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and strive to be the partner of choice for Indigenous groups that are considering a significant investment.

When making investments, IBA commits to:

  • undertake a thorough and rigorous assessment and due diligence prior to acquiring an asset
  • develop objectives in collaboration with our partner
  • manage the asset over the life of the investment
  • adhere to our rigorous  corporate governance principles
  • apply our sound commercial judgement.

Key to achieving our goal has been the building of mutually respectful and responsible partnerships with Indigenous organisations, communities and individuals, as well as private sector business and industry capability partners.

Through these actions and by being open, receptive and easy to deal with, IBA strives to be the partner of choice for Indigenous groups considering a significant investment.

Every investment opportunity is unique and is assessed against its overall strategic goals, with returns and risks carefully weighed against an integrated investment philosophy. That philosophy includes an established set of Guiding Principles and Selection Criteria which you can read about in the resources section below.

Case studies