People Management

Employee Wellbeing

The provision of a safe and healthy workplace is critical for our staff and the IBA Board.

During 2017–18:

  • All new starters received information about Work Health and Safety responsibilities and arrangements as part of IBA’s Induction program.
  • Our Employee Assistance Provider continued to provide confidential face-to-face and online support services to IBA employees and family members experiencing professional or personal related issues impacting on their mental or physical wellbeing. We supported and promoted R U OK? Day throughout September 2017, a national day of action aiming to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about.
  • IBA’s Health & Safety Committee met on four occasions during the year. An area of focus for the Committee was the training and appointment of Workplace Contact Officers. The Committee reflects a representative cross section of the organisation by gender, background, metropolitan/regional office, program, classification level, and age. Members have been trained to act as a first point of contact and to provide guidance and resources information to employees.
  • IBA continues its commitment to early intervention and the provision of rehabilitation assistance to ill and injured workers to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and that staff can return to work as soon as possible.
  • Five workplace incidents were reported during 2017–18. Thirty-three days were lost due to these incidents. One compensation claim for physical injury was submitted and accepted resulting in nine days absence and minor medical expenses. There were no notices given under Part 10 of the Act and no investigations were conducted.
  • At the Galambany Staff Network’s annual conference held in March 2018, participants split into men’s and women’s business to talk about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing with Preston Campbell and the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre.